Picture gallery

Drawing of Leopold Bloom by James Joyce, 1923

The Little Review, 1918

Order form for Ulysses

First edition, Paris, Shakespeare and Co., 1922

James Joyce aged 22, in 1904

James Joyce in 1926

Nora Barnacle, Zurich, c. 1916

James Joyce and Nora Barnacle

Joyce and Sylvia Beach at Shakespeare and Company

Martello tower, Sandycove

7 Eccles Street, 1950

Barney Kiernan's pub

The Freeman's Journal, 16 June 2023

Bray Promenade

Sweny's Chemist

The very reverend John Conmee SJ

Mabbot Street

Oliver St John Gogarty ('Buck Mulligan')

Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses

'How a Great Daily Organ is Turned Out', Richard Hamilton

'Leopold Bloom', Richard Hamilton

'Bronze by Gold', Richard Hamilton

'In Horne's House', Richard Hamilton

Oliver Gogarty's tender for the Martello tower

'Creation of Joyce'

Circe manuscript

Ford Madox Ford, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, and John Quinn

Joyce, Pound, Ford and Quinn

Pound, Quinn, Ford and Joyce

James Joyce with Sylvia Beach at Shakespeare & Co.

James Joyce aged six

Ten-punt note